A Night With Nicky Siano & Friends

By Nicole Martinez
blonde roller skating
Fuck Mondays, let’s dance!

Flashing strobe lights reflected off a mirrored ball overlooked sweaty bodies swirling to a pulsating “four-to-the-floor” rhythm–this was the portrait of the sexually-liberated 70’s. The message was clear: we are here and we are free. It became known as “disco” and its high energy rhythms and infectious presence became a staple in music that no one could ignore. As Donna Summers put it, “when we made “Love to Love You Baby,” we knew it was somewhat innovative, but nobody knew people would jump on that bandwagon and all of a sudden the whole world would be going disco”.

After all, before there was house, there was disco.

Got disco fever? On June 30th, Miami’s best Monday-night soiree Lundi Dis-Moi Oui wants you to grab your roller skates, your best dance moves, and sweat that bitch out! The party, provided by The Garret, promises a special edition of their weekly dance party by turning Grand Central into a roller disco rink, complete with disco ball.

But, of course, the pièce de résistance of the night is the music! With opening sets by resident DJs Velvet Jones, Amuro Rae, and Grand Central’s Parisian party-head Rico to close out the night, legendary Studio 54 DJ Nicky [fucking] Siano will be gracing us with dynamite tunes to show Miami what disco is all about.

Allow us to acquaint you with the night’s purveyor of funk and brush up your music history with Tropicult’s lesson on Nicky Siano.

Behind The DJ Booth

Considered to be one of the true pioneers of the dance music scene in New York, Nick Siano was only 17 years old when he became resident DJ of The Gallery, one of the hottest clubs in New York during the 1970’s. In 1972, Nicky and his older brother Joe Siano opened The Gallery and claimed a reputation for New York’s “hottest underground dance party” and “one of the five most visually breathtaking nightspots of our time”, as described by New York magazine. Eventually, Nicky was approached by Steve Rubell, Studio 54’s owner for a residency at the now legendary club that appeared at that time.

After his stint in Studio 54, Nicky took his energetic and unique artistic approach to music and moved on to production. Even though he was not behind the DJ booth, he still wanted to “TURN THIS MOTHERFUCKER OUT”, a phrase coined from his days at the Gallery.

Recently, Nicky Siano was called upon for Sirius XM’s 2011 re-opening of the original Studio 54 to get behind the decks and show the world what Studio 54 was best known for. Nicky still continues to tour internationally and his latest hit “Power of Love” was launched during WMC in 2007. His most recent project, a film called “Love is the Message” showcases a night at the Gallery in 1977 that is a must-see for any music-lover who respects their music heritage.

Here’s a trailer for the documentary:

Nicky Siano: to know him is to love disco. Join Lundi Dis-Moi Oui and Nicky Siano for a night under the disco ball and remember Miami, partying on the weekend is vulgar!