Dopedoll Chronicles: Fox House

By Vanessa Haim "fh16

Nestled between Wynwood’s murals and the vivacious streets of the Design District, thrives Fox House boutique,  a local gem for women’s fashion. Owner, Tobi Salver, established the business online in 2010 and has since opened a fabulous retail space that carries top indie brands like Gypsy Renegade, MinkPink, and Beauty And The Beach.  

Looking for a vintage summer dress? A hot new bikini? Specializing in one of kind vintage, trendy swimwear, and contemporary clothing, Fox House has all your summer wardrobe needs covered!

Step into the Fox House world filled with psychedelic patterns & bohemian dreams…

Fashion for the free spirit, wandering star, beatnik


As a graduate of the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, how has your graphic arts background influenced Fox House? 

Well, fashion and beauty has always been a part of my life. Started with my grandmother who was a fashion and interior designer, and me and my best friend would play dress up and do each others makeup and take pictures of each other for years. I think it started then for me! And with graphic design as a background, I already had the design skills, photography skill, and basic web skills to where I could launch it with very little help.

The Fox House story is pretty inspirational, you reached out to The Miami Herald and actually won a business makeover! Tell me about that experience?

Actually, my mom clipped an article for me, as she does so often, and I reached out and they picked my business to “make-over”. I worked with a lot of really smart and successful women and who really helped me in the areas I needed support with, mostly bookkeeping, etc.

Online and in-store customers can find a range of bohemian and trendy pieces like graphic crop tops, floral kimonos and tie dye swimwear. What other items end up on the shelves? 

Well, I tend to be drawn to more beach and travel inspired looks. But, you can definitely find lux and rock and roll styles too!


I love that every online purchase helps fund charitable causes like The Nature Conservancy, Miami Rescue Mission, and Pet’s Trust. What inspired you to give back in such a great way? 

Thanks! I’m really happy to have partnered with these charities and to be able to provide support directly from the site. Soon, a portion of in-store purchases will be also delegated to a charity, but for now I’m just splitting up the  sales and donating to each cause equally.  I’ve always been a doer and giver. I’m passionate about creating global and local awareness often urging people to find out what’s going on in our world and in our community.

For starters, I think there is a lot to be done to improve our community. That’s why you can find me on any given day trying to do something good for the world – if I’m not rescuing a dog on death row, then I’m probably babysitting at the homeless shelter. I also volunteered my time to teaching art at the Miami Rescue Mission. There are also so many global causes that require assistance and attention that it makes it hard to pick just five causes to support, so I think these may be rotating causes.

Summer is right around the corner, what’s your ultimate bohemian beach junky outfit?

Ooof! Definitely a rump bearing teeny bikini paired with a crochet top, hand bleached denim cutoffs, a Panama hat, a funky long necklace and maybe our footless sandals! Don’t forget to carry your towel and Fox House sunnies in our imported Kilim backpacks! 


From pop-ups to festivals, Fox House not only runs online and in store but also makes time for event markets. Any upcoming events where can we find you for some killer summer gear? 

This Sunday the 8th we will be popping up at the Mondrian again! We are putting together a Saturday pool party for July Swim Week in cahoots with PopLife, Mandalynn and Dysfunksion Magazine. They recently relocated their base from Hawaii to Miami, love the publication!

Check out the Fox House caravan June 8th @ The Mondrian Market

In the words of Shakespeare “If music be the food of love, play on”. What’s currently playing on the Fox House playlist? 

Ohhh, tunes. Well, I like a lot of music. Some people think is weird, but I recently I’ve been listening to Alt J. I love Moby. I’m always down with The Rolling Stones, Polica, Nancy Sinatra, and Nirvana – ALL DAY!


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