Featured Artist: MASPLATA

By Miami Art Scene

Drawing inspiration from the sights, colors and people of his native Panama, Miami-based visual artist Alfonso Rendon artistically known as ‘Masplata‘ unearths a world of rare beauty onto the public eye. Starting from the premise that “colors, like words, are basic units of meaning that can convey messages when combined.” Rendon has created an eclectic body of work and styles that are as diverse as language itself.

From his signature traces that rival the sharpness and precision of computer graphics, ranging from his ethereal brushstrokes in watercolor and the bold richness of his oil paintings, his styles attest to the ever-expanding nature of his workmanship.

“The unknown has always drawn me from an early age, ” states Masplata. “But rather than see it as ‘a theme to explore through art’, I see it as the driving force that compels me to follow its lead.”

For this commitment to let medium, materials and circumstances, both internal and external, guide his creative process blindly, he sets himself apart artistically.

Like a deep-sea diver that takes the plunge on faith, Rendon approaches art-making with the fullest aperture of spirit. He never has agenda when starting out a piece and he usually ignores the content and meaning of what his hands are creating until completion.

“I don’t impose meaning, but rather let the unique backgrounds of my audiences suggest the meaning to their eyes.”


For information about this artist and his work contact [email protected] – his studio is located at Artopia Art Center in the Wynwood Arts District at 1753 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami, FL 33132. Masplata’s artwork is on display at Artopia, contact Kat Wagner at Miami Art Scene™ – for a private viewing and pricing call (786)571-6112.