Ernesto Kunde Symbiotic Promise

By Heike Dempster

Bare Naked

Brazilian-born Miami-based artist Ernesto Kunde has found inspiration in the architecture, energy, sunshine and art of Miami since he first relocated to the city just over seven years ago. His paintings have paid homage to Miami ever since. Recently, Kunde has become interested in mangroves and root systems. His first mangrove painting was more of an accident. Kunde paints from photographs he takes when out and about exploring his surroundings and one happened to include mangroves.

After subsequent research trips to the Everglades as well as the Keys, the connection he felt deepened and Kunde decided to explore the subject matter further. Raised on a farm, Kunde has always had a bond with the land he inhabits and has always had an especially keen interest in the structures of roots.

Blue Fever

For his forthcoming solo exhibition “Symbiotic Promise” at the Bakehouse Art Complex, Kunde presents his new series of large scale mangrove paintings. The new paintings are slightly more abstract than previous works, yet just as rich in color. With an experimental curatorial vision the artist will present a unique viewing experience and the exhibit will also feature a site-specific installation using painting and projection, which is a step into new territory for the artist.


“Symbiotic Promise” will run from May 9 to June 8, 2014 at the Swenson Gallery at the Bakehouse Art Complex, 561 NW 32nd Street, Miami 33127

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