Dopedoll Chronicles: Deep Antiquity

By Vanessa Haim

Deep Antiquity LB-36

“Underneath the sun and neon, beneath the sand and fashion lies Deep Antiquity.”

The Spring equinox is upon us, bringing with it April showers, May flowers and Deep Antiquity’s dark & occult S14 Lookbook. With an exclusively unique collection of palmistry & pagan cross t-shirt designs to mythological Greek inspired handmade jewelry, Deep Antiquity is delivering modern fashion with esoteric style. Take a trip into the dark side and get to know the Miami based duo behind Deep Antiquity.

Lauren & Nick

I have always been into the occult, astrology and symbolism. I had been living in New York for a few years and was really into the dark street-wear and dope style that was all around. When I moved back to Miami, I missed those vibes, so one day I silkscreened an upside-down cross on the back of a black, cut-up Scarface tee. 

Nick’s grandfather had raised him watching National Geographic Documentaries about the pyramids and he was always really into mysticism. Nick has always been great behind the camera, when I showed it to him we thought it would be interesting to have a photo-shoot at this abandoned military facility near where we grew up. We liked the pictures and the concept so much we decided to branch out with an initial offering of products. 

P.S. I hope no one ever sees those pictures.


Who else makes up the dark talent behind Deep Antiquity?

Deep Antiquity is made up of a team of two designers from Miami with Cuban roots (Lauren Palma and Nicholas Piñeiro). College friends who found something they were passionate about and wanted to share with other people. We go through the creative process together when it comes to photo shoots, videos, social networking, product design and the bones of the business, everything gets done with teamwork. Each of us has our own strengths but in the end we both strive to accomplish what we feel fits the brand best.

Deep Antiquity LB-9

There’s a minimalist take to your t-shirt designs, from earth symbols like the sun and air to pagan crosses and palmistry symbols, tell me a little about the process that goes into selecting and creating what ends up on DA’s clothing.

Most of the designs you mentioned come from our first collection, Feels Like First Love. When the brand was first established we wanted to bring back to light symbols from the past that we felt still had a purpose and reuse them within design and  fashion. All of our pieces have a meaning behind them. We like to get deep.The first collection was dictated by the humanistic side of the brand culture. As we grew that became the root and things got a little darker. Once we established the brand culture and a belief system the designs and concepts flourished from there.

Deep Antiquity LB-6

Medusa, Euryale & Hydra eyes all make up your handmade jewelry collection, what’s behind the creepy yet totally dope eyes?

It’s a play on the Turkish practice of evil eye protection, or as we call it in Miami Mal De Ojo. Ours represent different guardians from Greek Mythology. They each have their own backstory and persona that translates through the design of the piece and to the wearer. We’ve got some youtube videos on our page that tell our versions of some of the stories, as well. I can’t stop humming Van Morrison’s Moondance while browsing through your shop. What top 5 songs/artist keep Deep Antiquity dancing in the moonlight? Well, me and nick have different ideas of what keeps us dancing in the moonlight. I’m really into and constantly being inspired by Smashing Pumkins, Babes in ToyLand, Sonic Youth, The Melvins, and so many of the local Miami Bands. Nicks really into Savoir Adore at the moment, Queen, Lana Del Rey, Elton John, Sonora Matancera.

Between monthly pop ups to festival markets, you guys are making your presence known all over Miami and beyond, where can the masses find you for some gear?

Currently all of our product offerings are available online at and The Kult in Miami has an inventory of items for sale. Make sure to catch Deep Antiquity at next months Record Store Day in Fort Lauderdale at Radio Active Records!

Deep Antiquity LB-5

Whip out the tarot cards, what do you foresee in the future for Deep Antiquity?

The future for Deep Antiquity is hazy but in good way. Exciting! We are constantly expanding and growing and we are also experimenting with new product offerings. Discovering some different ways to take things to another level. We’re also continually growing internationally, which is fun.


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