Dopedoll Chronicles: THE KULT

By Vanessa Haim


Wait no further, The Kult is back, with a makeover and new Upper East Side Mimo spot!

Tropicult stopped by last week’s soft opening for a night of fashion, drinks and styling…

Housed in the colorful polka dotted Studio Building off 79th and Biscayne, Pamela Wasabi’s The Kult shop is now located next to Flash Studios.


This is not your average hair salon, Flash Studio’s offers hair styling, expert hair coloring and hair extension/dread application as well as make up. With The Kult calling the new spot home it brings with it the colorful street style brands we love like Lip Service, Hips & Hair and TRIPP NYC – plus local brands like We Love Colors, Deep Antiquity, Agencie No9, Kusuri, NAZ Designs, and Lovebirds.

Get your vintage fix with the new addition of consignment and thrift section showcasing unique, one of a kind finds from Mood Ring Boutique.

With shelves filled with colorful patterned leggings, metal pluming bars atop of each other as racks and glitter splattered floors, Pamela has done a wonderful job of utilizing every ounce of space to create the new and improved The Kult shop. Adorning the walls you will find bold harajuku inspired trends, with the occasional fairy and turtle in an earthy Enchanted Forest mural by Diana Contreras. We loved the look, feel and energy The Kult is bringing to the neighborhood and encourage you to stop in to check it out for your self!


Join THE KULT 649 NE 79th Street, Miami, Florida 33138

By Appointment [email protected]

Stay tuned for more Dopedoll Fashion Chronicles & Tropicult exclusives!