Handcrafted Lettering by JESSY NITE


Stemming from Jessy Nite‘s fascination with text, is a typography studio devoted solely to the heritage and discipline of hand-drawn type.  Jessy Nite’s work has graced brands across the globe (including yours truly – with her playful colors, keen eye, and razor sharp skills. Now, Jessy Nite is offering custom lettering, illustration, interactive and digital capabilities to the masses! Vist the brand spankin’ new then click & drag around to explore Jessy Nite’s typographical porfolio.

That’s not all the Benevolent Ruler has been up! We caught up with Jessy Nite who apparently has also been teaching the art of typography and hand lettering to international students at the Miami Ad School.


How did you begin to incorporating hand lettering – typography into your artwork? 

I almost never use real fonts. Everything is hand lettered in my work! As a kid I was always doodling letters…I recently traced it alll back to two things though: First, the alphabet book my second-grade teacher gave me as an end-of-the-year gift and secondly, the titles from TV Land’s Block Party Summer.  Of course, I realized all of this later.   And yes, I am now, and always have been, a hard-core draw-er. I have boxes full of my old sketch books…all in chronological order.

What/who inspired you to use and explore typography?

Well my background is fine arts and though I loved to draw letters, I never knew what “typography” was.  When I started learning about design everyone kept saying “Type is the most important thing to becoming a great designer!”  I always want to be the best, but I had no idea how to pick out a font like the other kids so I just drew what I wanted them to look like.  Thats when I found out about the added value in custom work.

What is the greatest challenge in creating interactive/digital capable typography?

Biggest challenge? Programming! Drawing the lettering is the fun and awesome part, but getting them to work is something totally different. I am very lucky to have talented friends who help with the technical side of what it do, and that’s what makes NiteWriter so special — we can make all kinds of things!

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How did you end up teaching typography?

I think teaching is just a part of me…My mom is a real-deal educator and I have always wanted to give back to others in the same way that she does. I often say that if I was super rich, I’d just be a student forever and take classes on how to do everything – and so maybe that’s also why I’m drawn to education.   Another reason is that the art of hand-made anything is slipping away. I teach my students to use both typeface and hand-drawn elements; they’re so talented that I don’t want them to limit themselves.

Why did you launch the typography studio –

I’ve been working on tons of commercial projects over the past few years in addition to exhibiting my contemporary artwork, and wanted to create a space where people can see a full picture of what I do. And it’s not just type work; from illustration and custom art to identity, branding, and experiential campaigns, is everything you would get from a full-service design studio. I suppose this is just my “coming out” party!  I want to let everyone know how deep my work can go and how much value there is in custom-made elements.

Will you still be creating artwork, participating in exhibits and/or painting murals?

Of course! I am different from a lot of artists because I have my hands in everything but will never stop creating my own work. I have been working on new sculptural pieces, installations, paintings, experiences and more.

What does the rest of 2013 have in store for Jessy Nite?

I am currently working on a large installation for an S+A Architects project, which will be revealed at the end of May and is one of my biggest and most challenging pieces to date. This September, I also have an installation at the Arts and Culture Center of Hollywood, and will be working toward a solo show with them next year. I have a few other fun things in the works, but like to keep it under wraps until it’s all official…All I can say is stay tuned!

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