Cabba Blee aims to bring visual awareness through different artistic outlets. 

Last year, Cabba Blee and Ilett showcased Inlakech, a three act performance to the Art Week crowd.

This year Cabba proudly presents Veru,  a mobile installation with performance segments taking place  inside of a truck.

For Inlakech, Cabba Blee and Ilett installed, body painted and coordinated a spiritual performance for the crowds of Wynwood. The installation showcased the energetic beginning of ones states were shown in three forms – self, ego and pure thoughts and created awareness of the present moment.

VERU in Process: Roof of Installation

This year, Cabba Blee brings to the stage a performance that allows the spectator to “flow with the present and come back to themselves.” Veru is a mobile installation featuring segments that will be performed inside of a truck. Veru invites passerby’s to enter and take in the auric presentation.

“Vibrating out of the material world, rise and present yourself to yourself. Energize the third eye to show ownership with the soul. React and relinquish to the material fraud around you. Unite your auric space within.”

On Friday, December 7th the truck will be parked outside of ART MIAMI for the better part of the day and then move locations around Wynwood. The route is scheduled to end at The Vagabond where the truck will be parked in the lot across the street for the duration of the evenings festivities.