2k12 Fair Highlights

SCOPE Art Show returns to Miami in 2012with a new location on the most highly trafficked gateway to the Midtown arts district. SCOPE Miami was my favorite Satellite Fair last year with PULSE Miami not far behind. SCOPE Miami stands out for their presentation of cutting-edge special programming, collector tours and special events that feature the best and brightest across multiple creative industries, including fashion, film, music, and performance. 

Through a series of curatorial collaborations on-air, online and on-site in Miami, SCOPE and VH1 are teaming up to celebrate and amplify the impact of emerging visual art as it cross-pollinates with music.  The ultimate platform for the fusion of art and music, showcasing emerging visual artists and musicians and highlighting the indie rock band that teeters on the cusp of international stardom. Situated alongside SCOPE’s pavilion, the VH1 Outdoor Lounge is the premier destination for SCOPE Miami attendees to experience the most exciting new talent in music and art. The VH1 Outdoor Lounge will be open to all for the duration of the event, December 4 – 9, 2012.

“SCOPE has established a reputation for influencing and forecasting new trends in visual art, which makes them an ideal partner for the VH1 You Oughta Know platform” Phil Delbourgo, VH1

Showcasing original “sound graffiti” from 100 creative leaders and cultural icons, artist Roman Grandinetti will create a site-specific installation of 100 Google Nexus Tablets at SCOPE Miami 2012. Originally launched at The New Museum in NYC, CNNCTD+100 will consist of 100 digital displays, corresponding to 100 unique soundtracks, each one representing a world-renowned artist or celebrity. Participants include Santigold, Pharrell, Cindy Sherman, Yoko Ono, Spike Lee, among other luminaries.

Art Takes Miami is open to all creative talents (over the age of 18) from anywhere in the world! Professional, amateur and casual artists, photographers and creatives are welcome to apply. SCOPE Art Show, Artists Wanted and See // Exhibition invite you to join the 3rd annual Art Takes Miami 2012, an international search for creative talent, skill and vision that will present one visionary in an exclusive, featured booth at SCOPE Art Show during the hottest art event of the year. All types of innovative work including: Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design, Illustration, Film, Video, Performance, Sound, New Media and more! Professional, amateur and casual artists, photographers and creatives are welcome to apply. Completed works, works-in-progress and conceptual proposals are accepted.

1,001 artists will be selected to be included in a digital presentation displayed in the Art Takes Miami exhibition booth at SCOPE Art Show. Exhibited artists will be selected from amongst the highest voted entrants. Open to Basic and Pro entrants. Presented by SCOPE Art Show, Artists Wanted and See // Exhibition, the third annual Art Takes Miami competition is an international search for today’s best emerging talents with the goal of presenting one jury-selected artist in an exclusive booth at SCOPE Miami this December. For the first time ever, the showcase will also include a digital presentation of works by 1,000 selected artists from around the world. More

Experimenting with the actual chemistry of their materials, the infamously innovative duo, Invisible Heroes, have created a new type of paint which creates heat as it dries on paper, resulting in a sculptural object. Presented in a series, Paradise Now is a contemporary take on automatism in the creative act. SCOPE, the emerging market pioneer, redefines perceptual experience to introduce Outer Spaces: the groundbreaking app that presents contemporary art in virtual space. Utilizing the latest advances in Augmented Reality (AR), Outer Spaces is a computer-generated, interactive art exhibition, fused into real-world locations. This extraordinary technology is made possible by Augmented Mountain for SCOPE, compatible with iPhones 4 and 4s as well as any iPad.Outer Spaces launches June 1, 2012, featuring a real-time, simulated exhibition with SCOPE Foundation Award Winner.

Advancing its foothold in technological innovation, SCOPE launches its Virtual Viewing Room on May 11, 2011. A comprehensive catalog of SCOPE Basel exhibitors, SCOPE’s Virtual Viewing Room features the extraordinary capability to reserve artworks in advance of the show, with the push of a button.