By now you’ve probably heard that this Thursday, November 29th Gregg Shiembaum Fine Art Gallery opens it doors for the opening of AholSniffsGlue’s new exhibition – Snipers.

Well, here’s a little more info for those who haven’t heard or wanna know some more…

Snipers are pictures of everyday people, events, and occurrences ignored by most but spontaneously “snipped” by Ahol on his cellphone. Ahol digitally manipulates these candid photos (some of which were showcased in his last exhibit, Hit & Run) and then appropriately showcases them on the internet.

The Imagery: Works that Inspire

For Snipers, Ahol has made three dimensional representations of these imageries in the form of “plush toys” or  “peluches” as we call them in Miami. We caught up with Ahol at his studio this weekend, talked about the exhibition, and caught some cell phone images of our own to document the experience for you all.

First, I think it’s appropriate to show you  some of the images that inspired this exhibition. If you follow AholSniffsGlue as seriously as we do you’ll probably recognize some of these:

The Process: Inside Ahol’s Workshop

The first step is printing each image on ironing paper. Then, Ahol chooses a complimenting fabric from a pile of fabrics of different patterns and textures he collected. Each plush toy is then hand sewn by Ahol to create an unusual and unique representation of Miami life.

The Result: Preview The Peluches

After month’s of laboring on the plush dolls, Ahol has 100 original plush toys for the exhibition. Here are some of my favs:

The Exhibition: What to Expect

Each plush doll has been given an original name by Ahol and will be sold with a Certificate of Authenticity that has the original image that inspired that particular doll. If you manage to “snipe” one of these plush dolls for your collection, an original “sold” card (see below) with a target on the image of the doll sold will be placed for the duration of the exhibit.

As  you can see, Ahol has put a lot of thought into this show and has covered every angle. This exhibition will be an entire experience from the moment you set foot in the gallery.

Be sure to bring all of your quarters! AholSniffsGlue will be placing a claw machine inside the gallery full of goodies. For only for quarters, everyone and anyone that visits the exhibit will be able to get a piece of Ahol. See you all there, quarters at hand!

Leaving you with a little promo video for the exhibit Ahol put together with a little help from his friends:


Opening Reception

The opening night will be Thursday, November 29th from 7-11pm with an after party at The Vagabond. The exhibition will run through December 9th. (Facebook Event)