Meet The ArtistAlexandra Valencia

Miami’s newest kid on the block, Alexandra Valencia, caught the attention of the folks over at The Vagabond a few weeks back. This Saturday, they will be showcasing her artworks for the first time ever as the club’s November featured ‘Artist of the Month’.

The young student artist Alexandra Valencia aka ALE was raised in the suburbs of Miami, Florida.

“I like the feeling of having less to work with it always gets my adrenaline pumping and challenges me to make something wild and unique.”

For her artwork, Ale uses every ounce of just about anything she can find to make both small and large works.

“I want my people to see that surreal creatures and a creativly sick mind can add beauty and fun to any atmosphere.”

For her premiere showcase at The Vagabond she has prepared a series painting using acrylics and eyeshadow, plus, some drawings using felt tip markers, pastel colored pencils and pens.

Here’s a peak of some of Ale’s sketches:

This Second Saturday after the monthly Art Walk head over to The Vagabond for Alexandra Valencia’s ‘Opening Reception’ and catch a glimpse of the works by this budding artist (plus another hour of free booze for those of you had a late start to the open bars that seem to now highlight every event and opening of the evening).