Paper Bags & Felt Tip Markers

Started off as a bag boy until the day he chose to wear one over his head. [true story]

Homegrown artist Josh Hall, aka Baghead, has been surrounded by art since the day he was born. He loves it, he lives it, but most importantly, he creates it. Drawing furiously on anything he can find, Baghead gets his inspiration from his favorite artists, like Neckface (Baghead is such a die hard Neckface fan that he even flew to LA for his last art show), and in the most random of objects, like paper bags.

Baghead is an artist of many mediums, from pencil sketches to murals to his favorite, felt tip markers. If you’ve met him at Kill Your Idol, The Vagabond, or other favorite local spots he frequents he may have already drawn you a picture on a bar napkin. That being said, he prefers a glass of wine when he draws and buzzed or not, Baghead is one friendly dude.

Still very young, Baghead is already a respected artist in the 305. His work is all over Miami, and we’re all still eager to see him complete his mural on the Purple People Eatery Food Truck. Best known for his caricatures and monsters that some say are very Where The Wild Things Are, Baghead’s characters border cute and creepy and are definitely AWESOME!

Felt Tip

For about a year, Baghead organized Felt Tip every last Tuesday of the month at Fox’s Lounge in South Miami. The concept behind Felt Tip arose after Baghead stumbled across a movement happening in Europe.

Secret Wars is a creative battle, one-on-one or two crews reppin’ for their city. Competitors are given 90 minutes to fill up their side of a white wall using only black paint and their imaginations – no sketches allowed. Felt Tip incorporates this concept plus a free-for-all wall inviting anyone and everyone to contribute.


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