Red Dot + Art Now

Red Dot Art Fair, is a contemporary art fair showcasing paintings, photography, sculpture and works on paper. Art Now, Red Dot’s Sister Fair, is a boutique art fair hosting approximately 35 exhibitors from both emerging and established galleries from around the world.

Here’s some more info on both! 

Red Dot

Exhibitors consists of  artists, curators, and cutting-edge galleries, exposing artwork to new audiences and giving way to renowned personalities from New York and around the world, as well as upcoming talents to share experiences with visitors.

Sculpt Miami

Sculpt Miami, located in the Sculpture Garden in Red Dot Art fair tent,  showcases indoor and outdoor sculptures by prominent modern artists from around the world focusing on the newest aesthetic tendencies, highlighting innovative techniques and the use of original materials in contemporary sculpture.

Location Outdoor Gallery Sculpture Garden /46 NW 36th Street

Art Now 

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