MACBA x FROSTColor on Color

Color on color marks the inaugural exhibition of the collaboration between The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum at Florida International University and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires (MACBA). The first of an ongoing series of programs, Color on Color will feature works by Ilya Bolotowsky, Graciela Hasper, Alexander Lieberman, Joel Stein, and Sarah Morris, including Karina Peidajovich’s La máquina de hacer color (pictured below) and a 13 ft piece by Carlos Cruz Diez.

Color on Color, curated by MACBA Director Constanza Cerullo, deals with color and geometric abstraction in its’ non- objective form. Color is not used as a representation of something, but as the essence of the work.  Even the works that have some reference to the visible world, the “sublime” is evident in its contrast to the finite and formal.

Along with the exhibition there’s a teachers’ workshop and special lecture by assistant curator Klaudio Rodriguez that will take the theme of Color on Color and present subjects like abstract art, geometric and op art, and link interdisciplinary subjects including art, geometry, science and history.

This collaborative effort between the two institutions will benefit both by promoting art from Latin America at the international level, and the opportunity for foreign artists and institutions to exhibit their works at MACBA as participants in a global, cultural programming exchange.

Color on Color runs from November 9th until February 19th, and will be part of the Art Basel Miami Lineup.

The workshop costs $35 at the event or $25 if prepaid. Space is limited and reservations are required. Please contact Linda Powers, Curator of Education, at phone: 305.348.6963 or e-mail: [email protected].