Local Badass Of The Month:Norm KentCSMP Attorney

The Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy made headlines in July by collecting over 9,000 signatures on a petition to decriminalize weed in Miami Beach. On August 12th, a dismissive letter from Miami Beach City Attorney Jose Smith surfaced, and it became apparent to most that the decriminalization issue wasn’t being considered fairly.

That’s when a CMSP lawyer named Norm Kent earned his Local Badass of the Month title:

“I am going to roll up the city attorney’s opinion and smoke it.” Norm Kent to the Miami Herald

Fuck yeah, Norm.

Runner-Up: Billy Corben

CSMP rose to national attention by pushing similar marijuana reform in Massachusetts, but the committee’s Miami Beach efforts are funded by none other than Billy Corben, via his Rakontur film studio. Corben, of Cocaine Cowboys fame, offered his financial backing for Ford Banister to bring the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy to Miami Beach.

“Are the people of Miami Beach ready for a sensible marijuana policy?” Corben said. “We’re just saying, let’s find out.”

Unfortunately for millions of Miami weed smokers, the petition is unlikely to head to a referendum anytime soon. Collecting signatures is one thing, but political progress in South Florida is something else entirely.