14th St Chronicles:Structural Improvements

Slowly but surely, Downtown Miami is becoming the clean, crackhead-free party environment we always wished it would be. Before the establishment of the Miami Entertainment District Association, the nightlife scene had no voice in community affairs, but now, things are changing for the better.

The Miami Entertainment District has come a long way since the area’s business leaders formed MEDA to coordinate the area’s rebirth. The Miami Entertainment District Association is a premiere business league of bars, clubs and affiliate businesses from Miami’s mainland nightlife scene who have united in order to represent their (and your) interests with the goal of enhancing the whole community.

The Vagabond and 14th Street Entertainment play a significant role in MEDA affairs. Owner Carmel Ophir’s commitment to the community extends well beyond the organization and the membership dues. As part of Downtown Miami’s ongoing renaissance, 14th Street is undergoing series of “structural improvements,” many of which are long overdue and absolutely necessary, and all of which will positively affect the scene at large.

For example, the house that sits behind The Vagabond, which up until recently was littered with burned spoons, dirty needles, used condoms, and crackheads, has finally been demolished. Tearing down this crack den eliminates a nuisance for the entire neighborhood. Beyond the general improvements to the neighborhood’s outward face, there are also plans for improvements on the inside. BAR ‘s spot is in dire need of a plumbing upgrade, among other things, and hopefully the renovations will allow them to return as tenants.

Further negotiations with MEDA and the City of Miami have resulted in the City finally placing trash cans on every street corner and is now considering planting trees in the long-neglected area. Additionally, thanks to a deal with the producers of Rock of Ages, the entire block was given a Hollywood makeover.