By Antonio Sosa

As I moved closer to the light, I saw two rings of people. In the outer ring they wore black cloaks, and on the inner ring, they wore blood red robes. The inner ring of the circle danced clockwise holding hands, the outer ring moving counter clockwise. Luna walked ahead of me and moved through the dancing rings of people. The circle chanted wildly:


The young girl that appeared to me stood with her back facing me and her hands in the air. She was standing bare naked, her skin glowing faintly like the moon. Up along her back were scars that were shaped like runes. The girl turned around and faced me, then sat down on a silver altar. One red hooded figure, and another black robed figure held between them both a silver crescent moon crown attached to a black veil. 

They held the veil over the young girl’s head, saying together:

“Hail Diana of blackest night born.”

I moved through the circle until I was in the middle now, in front of the veiled girl. Luna scurried past my legs and towards the young girl sitting on the altar. Luna crawled beneath her veil, the lump of her body beneath the fabric vanished between the young girl’s legs.

The inner ring started chanting, meshing together with the inner circle.

“DEE-YAH-NAH!” They chanted.

Then the chanting stopped.


A shrill, feminine laughter echoed throughout the abyss we stood in. Every hair on my body stood up.

The girl threw her head back violently. An aura of power encased me in its cocoon. I felt my body hot, beads of sweat rolled down the sides of my hairline. The energy in the air was palpable and smothering.

The circle moved clockwise again, chanting at first in whispers, then building up into booming hysterical shouts.

“DEE-AH-NAH!” They chanted.

The girl behind the veil raised her hands in the air and spoke:

“Hail Diana, Mother of Darkness.

Hail Lucifer Father of Light.

Here I stand your daughter, born of incest and Mother’s delight!

I lead none astray those who seek, safe from falter,

I, your daughter and altar!

Bring forth your hidden wisdom, Silent Sophia,

Queen Most Secret, your Ara, Dia.”

A wild wind filled the room, snuffing out all the candles. The room was swallowed by utter darkness. 

The candles sparked.

The rest of the candles burst forward with vibrant, tall flames, restoring an orange glow in the room.

“Lucifer.” The young girl said.

“Hail the light.” The Circle repeated.

“Master is here.”

The Circle stopped dancing, and the fireplace in front of them ignited into a fiery burst of flames. A raging fire manifested itself before them and they raised their hands together.

“Remove her gown.” The girl said.

A hooded figure raised a glinting dagger high in the air and slashed off my gown, exposing me in the nude before the entire circle.

“Master is here.” 

A drawn out hiss filled the circle, and at the feet of those that stood beside me, slithered a fiery-eyed snake. The girl slowly began to levitate still seated, just subtly. She now hovered in midair, still sitting as if she were perched atop an invisible seat. The circle watched in awe. Finally, a burst of blood and clumps fell onto the ground.

Towering behind the levitating girl, were a pair of torches, blazing spheres of fire. As I peered intently into the darkness I saw the fires were two eyes, watching me. A low grumbling laugh filled the room.

“Master.” I said.

“LU-CI-FER” The Circle chanted.

I smiled at the formless figure looming in the darkness, I yearned for him like a deer for the stream. I moved passed the circle and showed him my hands, covered in the blood of my sacrifice. I approached the girl, suspended high above the rest of us. Her long black veil now brushed the top of my head as I walked underneath her. Master stretched out his hand and offered me his open palm. 

“Come to me…” He said, hoarse.

“Come to me….” He grunted.

I touched his hand and the power overwhelmed my being.

“Yes…” His voice hissed.

As I followed him, the circle around me seemed to vanish and the light of the fire began to dull out. All I could see now were the pair of golden embers he had for eyes, tantalizing me to go further.

“Come…” He beckoned.

All I could hear now was the rumble of his voice, not even the sound of my own thoughts, only quiet. I wrapped my arms around his body and embraced him tightly. I was safe now in the darkness, with the god that lived here.



Antonio Sosa was born and raised in Miami, FL. He’s deeply inspired by pagan folklore and mythology as well mysticism, legends, and the Occult. Sosa is openly Pagan, and draw his muses from research and personal experiences.His favorites include Lemony Snicket, Chuck Phalaniuk, & Gillian Flynn.

Sosa states, “I’d always taken a liking to horror, there’s something about the macabre that I’d found deeply satisfying. I’d always been fascinated by the darker aspects of both the human psyche and the world itself. There’s also a level of emotional rawness and true acts of human desperation that is brought about in horror stories. Being able to see the usually ‘righteous’ human morale defiled by acts of violence and malice is interesting for me to see, and horror is filled to the brim with examples of this. Are the monsters the true terror? Or is it the men that made them? The latter is the truest inspiration.”

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