Alejandro Mendoza: Locations & Garabatos

December 14, 2013, 4pm Gallery 2014, 2014 Harrison Street Hollywood, FL 33020. For More Information, visit:


Locations present a mental geography that maps and orders the location, human relations and the mind. The physical and conceptual layout of the location encompass the structure and order my work and construct the lines and dots positioned upon as pathways, detours, exits, entrances, rebounds, acceptations, appropriations and identifications that characterize the active social process of movement. Location is then the outcome of dis/re/relocations that provoke manner of reflections on the consequences for a sense of belonging or unbelonging arising from the crossing of “routes and roots.” This association of routes and roots is “topoanalysis”—-spaces associated with memories, thus can be ‘read’ as a psychological diagram of a subconscious.

“I am, by default, the illustrator of my ideas, even though I seem to lie to myself constantly. Creating is the most “bestial” process of my conclusions. It is the energy of starting something without exactly knowing the actual outcome. My environment are constants in my aesthetic proposal, which is tied to the parallel need to understand common sense and making my interpretation of it more or less acceptable or understandable. Creating is the experience of being constantly unsatisfied. When this happens, I should redo and lie to myself again.”


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