MillionYoung'sRecent VibesPlaylist

| Photo Credit: Richard Lawrence

When an artist is as eccentric and unique as MillionYoung, one has to wonder exactly what he listens to while not making his own Miami-tinged, chilled out songs. This list will satisfy that curiosity: here, MillionYoung walks us through 10 of his current favorites in this Tropicult exclusive playlist.

 Sigh Kicks

These are some incredibly talented Miami locals who’s music makes me want to write even more music, every time I hear them. Doesn’t hurt that they’re cool people too.

 The Hongs

I’ve seen these guys perform dozens of times now, and still never pass up a chance to see them. I’m grateful to have shared stages with them recently.

 Idiot Glee

Excellent song and video on this one.

Part Time

Just an all around great vibe on this song. I got into these guys pretty recently after catching them at a warehouse show. It’s the kind of music that breaks your heart as it lifts you up.


I wouldn’t mind listening to this on an infinite loop.

 Saint Pepsi

Such a good feeling here.

Telescope Thieves

Was blown away by this remix Mario did for one of my songs. I love everything he and the XYZA crew have been up to.

 Todd Terje

The composition of this song is an odyssey. Always gets me jazzed to go out and do something.

Robosonic & Adana Twins

Not sure an explanation is needed to put this one on any mix.


This song just kills me from the chords to the vocal sample that strikes almost too close to home.