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New Music from Upcoming Album "Vakation"

One night, not so long ago, the glistening moon over Miami’s infectious sky brought together two music makers, Harlowe G.(LA) and Kristof Ryan (MIA). They joined creative forces to create darkwave synth-pop, under the alias Jean Jacket.

Collaborating from beach to seaboard, equipped with the tools of the digital age, the Jacket (as they are now known) have produced a new album, VakationComing soon.

In September, the dudes released the first single off the album, “Everything Cooly“.

“For this album, I really wanted to go back to the core of where it started,” Harlowe told Miami New Times. The distance hasn’t exactly been easy, but thanks to modern technology, the two have found ways to make it work.”

Minimal, melodic, joy-dripping darkness. We want more!!

So, without further ado, we present to you the Jackets second release, Ocean Cinema.

“It’s named after a movie theatre in Miami that is really outdated but in a great way”, said Harlowe.

Totally!! You’ve gotta love that about Miami! Go ahead, listen and vibe…

“The song is about not being able to get over someone and being a little stalky about it,”   told us half jokingly.


Halloween at Wood Tavern !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by The Jacket on Monday, October 19, 2015

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