Behind The Music: The Jellyfish Brothers

By Robbie Nevel


Until a few years ago, the heavy music scene in Miami did not venture far into the artistic. There was a traditional punk scene for sure, and hardcore had a following as it does everywhere else. The set and setting for an anomaly like The Jellyfish Brothers to emerge, however, was only recently developed. The spaced out grind of Orbweaver and the giant drones of Holly Hunt slowly rose from the burgeoning Churchill’s scene and made a name for loud psychedelic indulgence in South Florida.

The Jellyfish Brother’s undeniably have their own sound. The heaviness in their music is offset by an obvious influence from surf music. The beats and guitar styles give nods to that genre while riffs and electrified leads swirl around like a beach day freak out. Gang vocal – inspired hooks abound at every sonic turn. Sometimes they even take a turn down classic stoner rock lane, sounding similar to the classic desert rockers Fu Manchu.

The songwriting is steps ahead of their previous work. Songs like “VALIS” and “LHC” have all the catchiness and coolness of the Pixies and the hard hitting qualities of Torche.

Having already been a fixture at quality local shows for a few years now, their upcoming music is sure to turn heads. “Sentinals of the Space Age” is a six song collection set to be released through BUFU Records on vinyl for April 19, the same day as Sweat Records’ Sweatstock, one of Miami’s biggest local music events.

Sentinals will be available via the group’s Bandcamp page, and until then fans can enjoy their last release featuring other Jellyfish Brothers-unique songs like “Bloom,” and “Going to the Beach.”