Tegan & Sara @ Revolution Live

Concert Review

By Aura Peralta


March 12, 2014 where were you ? when most of South Florida looked like they were all patiently waiting in a line that started at the entrance of Revolution, Fort Lauderdale’s concert venue, and went all the way through the parking lot. Yes, that’s right, the wait was for Canada’s very own twin sister, Singer-songwriter duo, Tegan and Sara. Ticket said seven o’clock but it was already a little past eight  and I still had quite the number of people ahead of me causing me to miss the opener Astrea Corporation, a local experimental band.Buzz about their performance lingered among concert goers around me.

Once finally inside, I managed to find a perfect little corner in what seemed to be an almost sold out show. Shortly after, Tegan and Sara, just Back from performing on the “Parahoy” cruise, took the stage and in return the crowd went wild. Tegan rocking a polka dot shirt and jeans and Sara in what seemed to be a dark black skirt /dress attire along with a black leather jacket, wasted no time greeting the audience and boom, opened their set with “back in your head ” followed by “the con”.It hadn’t even been twenty minutes, when I was already drenched in sweat from the amount of people that squished and rubbed and pilled the venue. 16 years into their careers and it seemed that “heartthrob”, their latest album, had exploded them into the mainstream , as it’s by far their best selling album to date. As the synth sounds came in, I noticed heads bopping up and down to the poppy, dancy driven track “Goodbye,Goodbye”. The response from the fans was just as strong,once again showing their dedication and love for the duo.


I, being a fan since the start of their career, understood and felt the same even  though the new tracks became more polished and less of the acoustic folk sound that they were first known for. The songs still possess those emotional ,Lyrical, real, heart break feelings everyone can relate to. Surprised by the response from the crowd, they expressed that they didn’t expect it to be this fun. Such energy bounced and radiated back and forth from the stage and channeled through the venue. The show became a big shout out sing- along as the duo went into tracks like “feel it in my bones” and requested the audience to dance .The night progressed and the duo dug into the past as you heard the excitement from the audience shouting back lyrics to songs like “where does the good go”.Tegan took time to express how the show was only possible because of their musicians. She thanked them and introduced them. She also spoke about the cruise they had just been on and how sara spent time gambling. Laughs were exchanged between them and the musicians.With two songs left, they thanked all of us for coming out and making the night amazing.


Tegan with her acoustic guitar at hand began strumming chords and in just seconds, the crowd realized it was “nineteen”. Once again, the fans sang along to every word.The harmonizing between Tegan and Sara’s voices was beautiful. It was raw and acoustic. Just so intimate. I could have walked away at that point happy and blown away by the entire performance but to my surprise and to others’, they had one track left. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better , the duo concluded the show with personally a song that I have been waiting to see live for years. Yes, there it was, “living room”. I personally shouted my heart and lungs out through the entire show. I felt chills through my body as images from the past came to my head. I couldn’t believe it! Finally ! What an amazing experience! I Walked out of that Venue with no voice, just smiles. Until next time. OH Tegan!