Behind The Music:Acidosis

By Robbie Nevel


Miami sludge-punk trio Acidosis sounds like they could have come from that strange time in hardcore history in the late ’80s when the Bad Brains started featuring guitar solos and Black Flag became a dissonant stoner sludge band. Their new EP, after a three year hiatus, “No Games EP” does well to exemplify that sound. It makes sense, as they’ve opened for acts such as Negative Approach, the Casualties, and even describe their new release as a “mix between Minor Threat and Van Halen.”

Having recently moved to Boston, it seems about time for these Miami hard rock veterans to expand their reach. They’ve toured since the age of 16, and it was all DIY in true punk fashion. For bands in that scene, the best way to grow is to physically cover more space and they’ve got the right idea.

Musically they’re on the rougher side of tight, but that only adds to the authenticity. No band from the Boston or Miami of 1987 would have sounded as badass with chops or recordings any more polished than they absolutely had to be to not suck. It’s an art form that Acidosis seems to take on full throttle, with dynamic results.

With the new music and a push to expose their sound to more and more people, Acidosis is in a perfect position to make waves among listeners of bands altogether loud, rough and tumble, and skirting the edge of a very special era in hardcore music.

No Games EP, out on bassist Ben Katzman’s own BUFU Records, is available on Bandcamp for free or for a donation.