Purple Castle’s Prince Treznik


King’s Head Records made a loud and sexy entrance to the EDM scene with their premiere fiesta, Blue Castle at The Garrett (check out: Blue Castle Party Photo Evidence). Needless, to say we want more! Of course, they wouldn’t deny us (or themselves) the right to dance and party. To our satisfaction, they are doing it again this Saturday, November 9th.

Step into the Purple Castle and meet the guest of honor, Treznik

Last month we introduced you to King’s Head Records and gave you all the deets on their Blue Castle & His Royal Highness Ben Wash. Before that we took you Behind The Music: Culture Prophet EP.

Today, we’d like you to meet King’s Head Records DJ/Producer, Treznik. Treznik born in Zaragoza, Spain is visiting the Magic City for a special set this Saturday all the way from his current lair in Charleston, South Carolina.

2nd Fridays at The Faculty Lounge

Treznik produces music that refracts from 90s hip-hop and modern dark edged dance music to create industrial tinged sound with R&B grooves. This right here, he mixed up last night:


Why and when did you decide to start making music?

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I started producing music 4 years ago as I started to develop better production habits, Treznik was the outlet to get started on something new and polished than previous material I had made.

What’s your own vision of Treznik?

Treznik is a symbol that expresses a deep devotion to an art form.

What’s the story behind Clinik?

I released the “Onirik EP” in January (2013) as a free download. I wanted to create a sound reminiscent of hip hop and r&B of the 1980s with an element of randomness and VanillaCoke!

“Clinik EP” is the second release which carried a similar theme but used elements of hip hop and r&b from the 1990s with a touch of breakbeat and acid house from around the same time.


Purple Castle

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