King Head’s Royal Highness – Ben Wash

“King’s of crooked brilliance. Savages to the music.”


Meet King’s Head (formerly Brahmin Records) – Miami’s freshest dance label. These dudes (and dudettes, shout-out to my King’s Head sisters: LAW & Flor) are on a mission to provide artist with the proper tools and support to market their electronic dance music.

With tons of new projects and releases on the horizon, King’s Head has got plenty to celebrate. This Thursday, October 24th they’re doing just that! Gather around party people, Kings Head Records is hosting one of the most talked about events in Miami this week: Blue Castle at The Garret.  

We’ve already had the pleasure of introducing one of the evenings featured DJs, Culture Prophet, the twistyelectro-pop project of Michael Barksdale. See: Behind The Music: CultureShock Warlock EP

Now, we’d like you to meet the man that has been described as the “creative force” behind the label, Ben Wash…


If you like experiencing deep and ruthless sounds, you’ll totally dig Ben Wash’s dance floor creations. His first release, Wolf  EP has five tracks of seriously convulsive electro.


Ben has been dropping crazy sets from coast to coast, spinning at spots all around this crazy town of ours, and most recently (over and across “middle” America) at the prestigious LA nightclub, Exchange,  along with DJ John “00” Fleming (UK).


Here’s a warm-up mix to prepare you for what you can expect on the dance floor because this tomorrow night, Ben is coming for your heads!

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What can we expect from Kings Head in the coming year?

We have a full slate of projects for the upcoming year, new eps in December from our artists culture prophet and Treznik, as well as my album. I have more shows lined-up between now and who knows when.

What personal projects do you have in the works?

Mainly my debut album at the moment. We built a recording studio here in Miami and it’s the first time I’ve really taken my productions out of the bedroom and into a legitimate studio.

Tell us your secrets. How do you get people on the dance floor?

Pictures of sloths and cats.

What do you have up your sleeve for Blue Castle?

Champagne. And some new tracks.


What is Blue Castle?

Blue castle is going to be a devious musical experiment that will bring something new to nights in Miami.

Blue Castle

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