Rony's InsomniaCOUNT TO TEN

By Robbie Nevel


As rock music lies in wait for its next big hurrah, New York alternative quartet Rony’s Insomnia has been diligently writing dark, beautiful music ready for countless ears to hear and fall in love with. 

Their debut album “Count to Ten” is equal parts melancholy, peacefully folksy, and otherworldly. Israeli front-woman Rony Corcos, the band’s namesake, has put the familiar genre of alt-rock into a unique form. Rony’s Insomnia paints a sad yet intriguing picture where the imagery of long nights, rainy days, and soaring heights dominate the landscape.

Meet Rony’s Insomnia. Watch the video for the single “Seven Minutes” (below). The music video is a trippy bright white spectacle – standing in contrast to the song’s raincloud gazing mood.

As the singer and lead guitarist of the group, Corcos also produces and composes the music as well, making Rony’s Insomnia self-sufficient and proving the authenticity of their sound. Joined by John Neader on guitar and keys, Jordan Lipp on drums, and Yvan’s Jean-Michel on bass, the band sounds full with a raw element adding a signature roughness to Corcos’ luscious vocals as they traverse bittersweet melodies. Songs like “Emerald City” and “Nothing to that Bird” turn into dreamlike jam-outs, while tunes like the lead single “Seven Minutes” maintains the dark atmosphere while taking cues from some of the catchiest songwriting techniques in the book.

With a solo tour of Europe just around the corner and a heap of festivals under their belt, the enticing sounds of Rony’s Insomnia are sure to be spread all over the world.


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