Ananéx Louie Vega

EDM Culture Guide: Sunset Ritual with Anané & Louie Vega

By Catherine Skipp

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Anané and Louie Vega combined the power of NYC and South Africa’s finest to present Sunset Ritual featuring Uhuru, Luisito Quintero, Josh Milan, Black Motion, Oskido, The Musical Maestro, and Antonello Coghe at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge  

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Watching Louie Vega behind the decks is like witnessing a composer on stage. There were no black and white transitions between artists; instead Louie would bring on multiple artists at once allowing for collaboration and a smooth transition between musical styles. According to Vega, Greg Maloka was the one to thank for all of the talent that evening. Maloka, South Africa’s Kaya FM station manager, introduced not only the Vegas’ music to South Africa but introduced the new generation to Miami by flying all of the artists out for the Winter Music Conference. Louie Vega, along with DJ Black Coffee and many other South African artists, plays a set every week on Kaya FM.



Anané Vega was born in the Cape Verde region of South Africa and soon thereafter decided to bring her musical talents to New York City where she met her current husband, Louie Vega. She is the co-founder of NuLu along with Antonello Coghe, a music label that she describes as afrotech.  Anané is now a pioneer in bringing afro sound to the Winter Music Conference in 2014.


She began the label four years ago and has since brought artists from South Africa, the Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique and Angola. Halfway through the night she gave an empowering speech where she expressed that she is representing all the ladies in a male dominated industry and that while women do look good they are also mothers, sisters, wives, homemakers, djs, producers and many more. Before her set she said, “when you have a team of people working for the same thing you get beauty, you get new, you get fresh, you get inspired and we all aspire to inspire all of you.”