Dance Floor In MotionMAW At Sea

EDM Culture Guide: Masters at Work At Sea with Louie Vega & Kenny Dope

By Catherine Skipp


There’s nothing like having the dance floor in motion to get you moving. The 2nd Annual Masters At Work At Sea with Louie Vega and Kenny Dope was an evening worth remembering. I was apprehensive of the yacht party scene until I boarded the Lady Windridge, and after 5 hours with a community that I feel honored to call friends, my perspective was transformed.

Louie Vega was spinning records before leaving the docks and continued the day by playing disco to reggae to his authentic Nuyorican soul.  A ticket to the Masters at Work At Sea included a cruise on Biscayne Bay with beautiful views of the downtown Miami skyline, a non-stop moving dance floor, open bar, and dinner buffet. From the shining sun to the glowing lights of the city, there was a remarkable difference in the day and night atmosphere on the yacht. We were able to experience both the fun and easy going sensation of a pool party alongside the intimate vibes of a nighttime showcase before nine pm. I believe I speak for everyone on the Masters at Work At Sea cruise when I say the groovy waves of Miami’s Bay carried us to sounds of a whole new landscape.