HeinekenTransAtlantic Music Fest


For the past twelve years, the Rhythm Foundation and Heineken have organized the TransAtlantic Music Festival, brining some of the latest and greatest in modern world music from thecities of the Atlantic rim right to our backyard.

Allow us to briefly introduce this year’s musical talent….


Friday, April 4, 2014 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm  North Beach Bandshell, Oceanfront at 73rd Street & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The 12th Heineken TransAtlantic Festival is set to kick-off on Wednesday, April 2nd with a free launch party at Blackbird Ordinary featuring live sets in the patio stage by local favorites, Eagle Chief (formerly Arboles Libres) and Hunters of the Alps. On Friday, April 4th the Heineken TransAtlantic Music Festival takes the North Beach Bandshell with performances by Astro [Chile], Esteman [Colombia], and Miami’s own Tremends [Miami].

Astro [Chile]

Bold, fresh, and energetic, Chilean electro-band Astro has quickly gained popularity across Latin America for their curious artistic sensibilities which band member Daniel Vargas describes as “experimental pop, rock, and psychedelia.”

Named as one of NPR’s favorites of 2012, Astro’s self-titled debut album features sparkling synth tones, infectious hooks, and crossover pop appeal that speaks to fans of dance music across the world.  Astro sounds like “Café Tacvba reprogrammed by Animal Collective and MGMT.”

Esteman [Colombia]

Before he became an actual viral video sensation, Colombia’s Esteban Mateus had already created his pop star persona, Esteman. The former “musical theatre geek ” and performance artist was exploring issues of celebrity and gender identity when his 2009 hit, “No Te Metas A Mi Facebook” (Don’t Hack Into My Facebook), a catchy and ironic song about internet mischief, catapulted him to internet fame.


In 2012 he released his first album, 1er Acto, whose quirky and fun filled music  mixes boleros, ‘50s  American pop, rockabilly, country‐western, and tropical sounds.

Tremends [Miami]

Local rock/pop/punk band making music that’s raw, polished, evocative, melodic, and a tad bit weird.


Saturday, April 5, 2014 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm  North Beach BandshellOceanfront at 73rd Street & Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

The next day, Saturday, April 5th the festival presents performances by Bombino [Niger], Courtney John Project [Jamaica], Afrobeta [Miami]. For those who like to (after) party, the fun continues at Sandbar Lounge on both nights of the festival.

Bombino [Niger]

The incantatory grooves of Omara “Bombino” Moctar’s guitar will be hypnotic; the lyrics reflective, and the crowds drenched in sweat from dancing. The Tuareg guitar sensation is touring the US. In addition to this headline spot at Heineken TransAtlantic Festival in Miami Beach, Bombino will visit Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and other major spring music festivals.

Bombino was born in 1980 in Niger’s Sahara Desert to family of Tuaregs. The nomadic tribe is known as a people of grace and nobility as well as fighters of fierce reputation, descended from the Berbers of North Africa, fighting for centuries against colonialism and the imposition of strict Islamic rule. The Tuareg rebellions of North Africa have shaped Bombino’s life and music.


During one exile in Algeria in 1980, he began to play guitar, plucking out imitations of the rebel is houmar tunes. Here began his love of music. By connection and coincidence, Tuareg music sounds much like mirrors American blues. Bombino soaked up videos of Jimi Hendrix and other guitar heroes, and practiced his guitar during the long hours he worked as a shepherd in the desert outside Tripoli. His talent and fame grew, and he became a popular musician across North Africa, giving voice to his people’s yearning for peace and defense of their rich cultural heritage.

Bombino’s music came to the attention of Western producers, most recently Grammy Award­winning Producer of the Year Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Their 2013 collaboration for Nonesuch Records Nomad was named “Best Of the Year” on countless lists including Rolling Stone, NPR Music and the CBC. “Workingsman’s Dead – if it’d been made in the Sahara desert,” claimed the Rolling Stone year­end review

Courtney John Project [Jamaica]

Rootstronic is a hybrid sonic trip-hop dub creation, defined by The Courtney John Project as “one part Kingston Mash-up, one part Euro-electronica and 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music.”  Hailing from Jamaica, this trio of musical explorers have come together to play, refine, and promote their genre-bending  music which straddles electronic dance music and roots reggae.


Afrobeta [Miami]

No introduction necessary here, right?!

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