Dim Past “Black Dolphin” EP

By Daniel Mendez 


Keep your eyes and ears open for these dudes Miami music lovers! Black Dolphin, Dim Past forthcoming EP is without a doubt dark delicious synthesizer candy. Following the principles of Occult Circuitry and saying no to computers, Dim Past is making techno a threat again. Most people nowadays just stick to producing on software instead of hardware. Black Dolphin grabs rhythmical bases from house, techno and disco for a refreshing electronica album.

Dim Past is making techno a threat! The journey starts with “Ghostlord Masterclock” which involves dark ambient electro synths, dry claps and heavy bass kicks that evolves into a 4×4 beat giving it a kinda house-ish touch. Next is “Spectre In Wire” which is beautiful evolving progressive house synth track with heavy delays and entertaining white noise that will keep your ear entertained the whole way through. “Night Shade” (below) is the third track and my personal favorite from this EP.

“Night Shade” performed on Korg hardware and recorded to tape. Mastered by Adames in 3D VHS Studios, Miami, FL.

Night Shade” starts hard already with banging dark vocals that lead you to a jaw quenching “industrial” drum rhythm which later evolves to a crazy a journey of eerie sounding pianos and repetitive vocals. “Winter For The Machine” is definitely different from all the tracks of the EP. Almost like a lovable repetition of beautiful leads and evolving progressions, Winter For The Machine would make you remember of that love you once forgot. All electronic music junkies should get Black Dolphin and get their fix of beautiful experimental satisfied.

Dim Past – Black Dolphin: 12” Vinyl/Digital out July 2, 2013 on Other Electricities & Roofless Records.