Behind the Music:PARI∀H


Photo by Ben Guzman

We are all sweating with excitement for PARI∀H’s recent record “Passed Lives’ Excessive Future” release on August 26. It is full of explosions of feelings that travel you through an adventure of sounds making you feel like you are part of a colorful digital futuristic world. The group is known to be full of surprises and blow your brains with original flavors of ideas and has been cooking up a bunch of new juices.


They are a well thought out conceptual art rock trio consisted by Chris Dougnac, Krystal Lee Bruise and Jayan Bertrand. They are bringing on a new tour for October full of installation performances with agoal to share their new record with the world and want to take their listener’s mind through places they are not used to taking it to.

Their performances are more than watching a band live but are also followed with a full on interactive experience. They have toured throughout the USA sharing the bill with bands such as Krill, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Bill Orcutt, and Tonsstartssbandht (members of Mac Demarco)

The story behind the album makes you realize “Passed Lives” is a ruined 1984 Olymian who accidentally forms a cult, and embraced the opportunity to give people a second chance while the world was stuck on believing that it was the end. You can purchase their record and read the story behind it on Moniker Records

Photo by Ben Guzman

Watch “Sad Song” Teaser

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