Ridin RoundKali Uchis

- New Video Release -

LA’s independent self-made DIY babe recently killed it with her new video for her song Ridin’ Round off her Por Vida album.  The video was filmed in Colombia using her family as actors and a Colombian production company called Cumbia so it accurately portrayed Colombia in it’s raw form and kept it true.

Having also been born and raised in Colombia, it was heartwarming to finally see someone show the non violent things about it and really be able to show how beautiful it is to be able to go outside and be treated like family by most of the people in the street when your mom is yelling at you and making you feel useless because you don’t spend all your time cooking and cleaning for everyone. You can really feel like you traveled to Colombia.

Kali’s bad bitch style was definitely shown throughout the video with a kind of grindhouse feel to it when she makes a low-key Pulp Fiction reference.  She has the voice all the independent hustlin’ women can relate to.  If you haven’t given her a listen and love coming across artists who aren’t just all talk and actually mean what they say in their lyrics then you definitely should check her out.

“He didn’t know that I was my own hustler.”

Kali keeps things real and new by co-directing her video and being her own editor.

Ridin Round is about accepting your past and everything you are, even the not so good parts. I wanted to highlight where I’m from (in Colombia), my culture, and real people. There are no actors; the family in the video is my family. We filmed the parade on the street I used to live on when I was little. The production team, Cumbia Films, was an all-Colombian team based out of Cartagena. It was a lot of fun to make this with my family and involve everyone, I never felt so happy making a video.” Kali

 Listen: Kali Uchis “Por Vida