By Jessica Wilkerson

album-beautyBesides dominating the Hot 100, XO crew leader, The Weeknd is gliding up onto the shores of South Florida this December.  

This millennial musician doesn’t just bring falsettos but oozes addictive charisma.

The Weeknd turns a new chapter in the R&B industry and we’re are thankful for his:

Wicked Hair

 Abel Tesfaye hair
The Evolution of the Hair

A unique hairstyle is not only a conversation starter but a signature trend. His hair, contained by hard shampoo separates him from other R&B artists that usually carry a bushy buzz cut or a close cut. His untraditional hulking hairstyle can be compared to a dark hollow tree or even grown out dreads.

Overtime, his reflection in the mirror confronts his mysterious personality displayed in his music, a high end staple that continues to increase by the year.

Eerie Tracks

If you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job and want to feel the effects of major prodigies, acid and molly, The Weeknd is your break away from today’s reality. Before girls would bend over backwards after seeing his videos on MTV’s Music Mix, he discombobulated the system of indie and R&B music with his odd eerie 2011 mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. Thursday, squashes the pungent taste of traditional and typical R&B sounds, commonly whispered by Usher.

The seductive warning signs that reverberate throughout his mixtape Thursday transcends from an LSD trip full of sex and and partying. The addictive mixtape feeds on autotune, regularly used by fellow singer and rapper, T-Pain. The Weeknd invites us into his party of water soluble friends and even surprises us with an unpredictable ending in his song “Gone”. His intimate invitation into the bedroom of lyrical bliss highlights the eccentric sounds from producers Doc McKinney and IIIangelo.

One dose of The Weeknd is not enough, as 2011 furthers with his Echoes of Silence mixtape. A record that displays a more established The Weeknd. His serious demeanor conveys his humanlike battle with drugs, women and his foreseen fame. Rock and roll and hip-hop exuberate a less attractive The Weeknd in the mix. Soon after being an understudy for Drake, 2015 marked his path towards conquering the mainstream airways.

His songs seem to never be over the top, but continue to be harmonic. His distinct dark melodic melodies can make one feel special the second one listens to it. His mouthwatering charm has helped him achieve 13 chart-topping Billboard hits in 2015 and his ability to succeed as an R&B artist without exposing his bare bod like D’Angelo or sugarcoating actuality like Trey Songs, conveys The Weeknd’s strong artistic seductive cries to his fans.

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Entertaining Music Videos

The Weeknd’s art speaks for itself in his music, as also portrayed through 4 minute video clips on the TheWeeknd VEVO Youtube channel. Something always seem to explode in The Weeknd’s videos, whether it is a car or The Weeknd himself. Is his life falling apart or does he just have a fiery spirit? Most of his videos have hit the millions on Youtube, many off his 2015 Beauty Behind the Madness album. The explosive featurette “Can’t Feel My Face,” from the album, conveys The Weeknd in a playful but fiery manner. Besides this video, others contain prostitutes, fire or harsh conditions like The Weeknd burying himself.

The Weeknd driving out of the desert in ending of “Tell Your Friends,” continues into the beginning of his 2012 joint “The Zone”. Even more creepier the cinematography in his “Rolling Stone” video cycles into a loop of a woman holding The Weeknd while he sits in an ebony chair. His black attire in mostly all his videos show the slick artist mastering his casual passive aggressive character overtime.

Deja vu occurs as well, in his 2015 Often video clip intercourse is briefly shown, but The Weeknd seems to be waking up from such in the beginning of his 2014 “King of Fall,” clip. Many conspiracy theories surround the anorexic older gentleman who appears in “Tell Your Friends” and “The Hills.” His red hair, his debut in the red room and his presence in “Tell Your Friends” as The Weeknd buries his own body, have many pondering the red-haired man as a symbol of The Devil or a Crossroads Demon.

Kickin’ Performances

Despite his contorted music videos, and strangely satisfying songs, his live performances will shallow anyone’s breathing after seeing them. Earlier this year, the Republic Records artist extinguished the MTV Video Music Awards with his combustible presentation of “Can’t Feel My Face.” He literally burned down the stage for Beauty Behind the Madness song, “The Hills” at the 2015 American Music Award show. The show that later granted The Weeknd his first 2 AMA awards.

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Native Friends

Chance was The Weeknd’s open door to success. Thanks to Drake’s manager, 5 years ago, Drake and The Weeknd now rade the American hip-hop and R&B charts. The Weeknd has been featured on Drake’s “Crew Love”, a smooth basic friend loving jam.

Even more, The Weeknd wistful voice carries throughout most of Drake’s Take Care album. The Weeknd’s group, XO is compromised of his photographers, videographers, producers, and other musical partners.

the-weeknd-live-600x398December Shows

​The Weeknd has a couple of pit stops in South Florida this December. Check out The Madness tour coming December 19th to the American Airlines Arena. Ring up the New Year with The Weeknd on New Year’s Eve at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.