Behind The Music:Seafoam Walls

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Originally founded as a solo project by Jayan Bertrand on guitar and vocals, Seafoam Walls began as an outlet for him that was a completely different style than any other project he had ever worked on. Seafoam grew and brought in two more guitars, one being a baritone guitar played by Alexandre Merbouti and Nick DeLuca on the other guitar. Gabe Norwood came in and began playing the drums for them recently. All three members share a strong friendship, notable similar influences and are all involved in various bands aside from Seafoam. Jayan played with Bouti in The Bearings and had a side project with Gabe (Kazoots).

All of the member’s side projects are agreed to be purposely diverse than what Seafoam Walls is. Their current album, “I Need To Know What I’m Doing is Right”,  immediately buries you deep into your feelings starting with heartbreaking lyrics throughout the first songs and ending with comfort in the last song where you find an upbringing to the rest of the songs. These guys are low-key professionals at creating an ambience with their music for you to drown in your feelings. It’s very rare to find musicians who can pull off playing with three guitars and are able to work so well together.

Miami is definitely missing more musicians who aren’t afraid to show how they feel and dig deep into subjects that are usually avoided. With jazz, shoegaze, tropical, ambience, grunge, and Caribbean influences; Seafoam Walls creates relatable and heart comforting yet heart sinking sounds.