Behind The Music:Trench


“You can try to be a car salesman for the rest of your life or whatever and fail and be miserable, so why not do something fun and know you still might fail. But hey, at least you had fun.”

Trench is a four-piece experimental, hardcore, power violence, punk band, from Miami, FL. The guys are bringing something new to the plate that we call the music scene of Miami that is not your usual happy funky all boy band. Critics might say they seem like a bunch of angry guys from what their music reflects but they have obviously not seen how much fun and laughter goes on between the group and on stage. Their influences range from a drastic ambivalence of rap, trap, hip-hop, R&B to blues, surf rock, indie rock to heavy doom metal, punk rock and power violence.

“After playing for a couple of years with different musicians I’ve started to realize that music gives you a certain feeling nothing else gives, It reflects off of other people you care for or even strangers and you bounce off positive energy with the people you make music with even if it’s angry music, it’s still something universal. I knew it’d be hard to make a living from picking music but since it’s all I truly know how to do, I’ve decided to start recording local bands and curating more shows.”


Raven Nieto (guitarist) and Vinny Nastasi (vocalist) met while in middle school and influenced each other’s choice in beginning to play music, they formed an alternative punk and reggae band with two other friends of theirs called Sedgwick. They would curate local house shows with the past band of their current bassist Nick Hansen (Polythene), both bands broke up this past year leaving the three with lost urges to keep collaborating on music.

“Most of these Kendall bands need to be heard.”


Nick, Vinny and Raven created a group that lasted a short period of time called “Blender Foot” that also included the drummer from Nick’s past band. After that band ended Vinny and Nick would spend days watching Power-Violence bands when Nick came up with the name “Trench.” The original plan to find a guitarist and a drummer was to sit at Churchill’s Pub and ask one of the coolest dudes they see if they wanted to join their band when Vinny knew Raven knew how to play hard music well from experiencing playing with him in their past band and knew Baker from collaborating on local art based projects. Baker participated in two past bands as well (Lab Ratz and Baker Acted).

“Lab Ratz was my pride and Joy but it sadly didn’t work out, Baker Acted was punk punk punk but I got sick of playing punk punk punk and being their drum machine. I love the fact that I don’t have to baby TRENCH because they already know what they’re doing and I also think it’s cool that we all hate cops.”

Collection of flyers from Local Kendall & Downtown House Shows involving the members: