Live From The Dope Den via Jolt Radio⚡︎


Last year, Tropicult’s favorite local vintage boutique, Dopedoll Vintage, started putting out a rockin’ a monthly Dopedoll Radio transmission. We’ve been absolutely hooked on the sweet vintage tunes and are totally psyched to announce that the sounds of the Dope Den are taking over the Jolt Radio stream, this Saturday, for the debut of the new bi-monthly, Dopedoll Transmission.

Embark on a musical journey through the eras in this premiere Dopedoll Transmission, which brings the most explosive rhythms to rock, jump, skip, hop, bop, stomp, beat and tap your feet.

Dopedoll Transmissions will be broadcasting the sounds straight from the dope den to an internet device near you. Listen to Jolt Radio online, download the Jolt Radio app, or try my personal favorite, Tune-In, which allows you to subscribe to all of your favorite internet radios from one app!! Thank the all music knowing Lolo from Sweat Records for that one.

Starting tomorrow, dig on the Dopedoll Transmission, every first and third Saturday, 3 to 5 PM. Until then, listen to Dopedoll’s Garage, 2-hours of the grooviest, most revving American 1960’s garage and psych rock to help you through the workday (tgif). If you’re more into the Northern soul vibes, don’t go yet, get your funk on right here with this Dopedoll Radio  floor shaking  ‘Soul Across the Universe’ mix.

Musical genres and eras aside, anything goes on the Dopedoll Transmission. From the classics you love and some that you will fall in love with, without any limits or classification. Travel through the eras, from the 50’s to the early 90’s, in this celebration of the cool past. Now our love for vintage has a soundtrack and this soundtrack is made just for you.

 Dopedoll Transmission streaming live from the Dope Den on this Saturday, March 7, 3-5PM