Behind The Music: Astrea Corporation

By Dana Krangel

Astrea Corp Promo 1

Next month, The Astrea Corporation will be showcasing their mix of murky trip hop and psychedelic vibes by releasing their new full length Paradise Oscine on Decades Records

Their music is an ever expanding mutation, influences and inspirations almost impossible to pinpoint. Their songs evoke new fear and realities, trapping the listener somewhere between the cold and glitchy influence of the synth backbone of the tracks, and the primal melodies dripping from singer Carly Astrea’s deep, warm, and sometimes guttural vocal chords.

With such a wide ranging fan base, The Astrea Corporation is also taking the time to package their sound in different forms and set a new precedence for varying media. They see digital releases as fleeting with a short shelf life, but the physical presence of music makes it a part of your home. The full record will be available in many ways, including cassette, but The Astrea Corporation has a special trick up their sleeve before the Paradise Oscine release.

If somehow you have regretfully avoided The Astrea Corporation’s live show, they sum it up perfectly by saying that the group “as an entity not only involves a band of musicians but also a full live visual show featuring real time projections and manipulation.” It’s not just a show or a spectacle, it’s an experience and one you have to see to fully understand. Lucky for you, now is the perfect time…

The Astrea Corporation, alongside South Florida creative thinkers – Eric Biddines, Iron Ora and Shark Anthony, will be hosting the release party for the anticipated 7″ square vinyl single of single ‘pink_Flloyd’  this Saturday, May 24th at Radio-Active Records. Scheduling conflict? No problem! You can also catch The Astrea Corporation live at the (free) Decades Records Showcase on June 14th with record mates Jean Jacket, Symbols, Band In Heaven, Wake Up and Gravel Kings at Respectable Street. See ya there!