Behind The Music: Witchhouse's 'Symbols'

Keeping Florida Strange

By Dana Krangel

Symbols Promo 1

In the mood for some strange? Symbols is serving up a heaping portion with the premiere of their new music video Death Valley (Not 69). The West Palm Beach music makers have created an alternative universe that resembles that part of the Law & Order episode you don’t see– the part with the weird satanic murder that they always skip over before Ice-T swoops in.

Director Ates Isildak’s goal was to make these four minutes of share worthy video “fun, sexy and violent.” Mission accomplished. Filmed throughout West Palm Beach, Symbols is hoping this new take on an old murder gets in front of the eyes of horror fans everywhere. Dealing with prostitution, murder, and cannibalism, this freaky mini-movie will make you feel weird inside.

Things get particularly creepy when a doll’s hair is being brushed by someone also having their hair brushed, albeit this is a sweet moment among the literal blood bath throughout. The feminist twist is intentional from Isildak who said he “was hoping more people would pick up on that.” With such and ingrained story, it’s easy to get lost in the gritty imagery. The spectacle is a major undertaking and the fact that it’s homegrown turns that weird feeling into a weird smile. If this is what all horror movies were like, we would have never given up so easy.

Album out on Decades Records