Interview Sessions: David Sinopolli

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We had the pleasure of working with Miami visionary, David Sinopoli, when booking some of Miami’s best bands at Bardot, to moderating the III Points music panel, Musically Speaking (scheduled for October 5th). This mover and shaker has nothing but innovation spewing from his brain – and the best part is that his ideas become realities. We had the opportunity to chat with David Sinopoli and hear what he’s all about in this exclusive “Interview Session.” Check it…

How would you describe the identity of Miami’s music scene?

Innovative, diverse and ahead of the curve. The most innovative producers/artists are coming from our scene…the rest of the world is just sleeping on us.

People say that there’s a five-year cycle of innovators that come and go in Miami. Do you think this current boom in the arts and music scene is here to stay?

I think that was true but they never had a home like Wynwood in these previous cycles. I can’t tell you if this current boom will fizzle out but I think it has a better chance of surviving now that we have our own community that’s dedicated to counter culture.

What inspired the creation of  III Points?

My surroundings. I have had the privilege of programming music for this scene for the last three years and a lot of what we were doing a couple years ago is now catching on. More of our homegrown producers are evolving as well and Basel/WMC is not the ideal time for them to showcase them.

During the past three years, Wynwood has evolved. Not just structurally but more about the businesses and people starting up these new ventures. From the LAB to Gramps to the Wynwood building to Panther to Lesters, the people who have the balls to open a passion based business in this community continues to inspire me that I am part of something beautiful. We are all part of a moment in time in Miami and we need a weekend to showcase it.

Rolling Stones or The Beatles? But here’s the catch, whichever one you choose you can never hear the other one for the rest of your life.

Hard fucking question. The Beatles…my mom was a Beatlemaniac and I grew up on them and The Doors.

What has been your best experience at a concert or music festival?

It’s a toss up between Prince at Coachella in 2008 and LCD Soundsystem at The Fillmore.

What is your favorite curse word?


What’s your main source for finding new music?

My good friends and I share a dropbox. It’s a bunch of us on it (homies from college, high school friends, bands I have booked, DJs we manage and people with good ears on emerging music are all on this dropbox.  It’s where I get a lot of my favorite jams.

What was your favorite album in high school?

Radiohead- Ok Computer

What is your favorite album now?

James Blake – Overgrown

Who in the music industry inspires you?

James Murphy, Thom Yorke and Kanye West


The Black Keys Group will be be hosting and moderating the official music panel of III Points, Musically Speaking, on Saturday, October 5th.

Panelists: Carmel Ophir (The Vagabond), Lauren Reskin “Lolo” (Sweat Records), Patrick and Laura (KLANGBOX.FM), and Jose Duran (Miami New Times).

You can bet that we’ll be talkin’ about music controversies in the digital age, how to “move the needle,” and everything in between.

Come out to enjoy tunes, talks, and tequilas with a killa set from the infamous, DJ Arun Brown, spinning us into the digital era of music at Wynwood Kitchen & BarRSVP Only.

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