Nia Devine’s SexTape Sampler

By Robbie Nevel


Miami R&B singer, Nia Devine, does her own thing. It’s easy for similar artists to fall into the trap of copying one another at the expense of new ideas and feeling. Of course like other performers in the genre, her songs are chill and soulful. Devine stands apart though in both her attention-grabbing songwriting, and the intensely high levels of carnal passion that ooze from every note she sings. All the more appropriate that her upcoming debut album is to be called ‘Sex Tape.’

Set to be released in November 2013, it will be a collection of songs about love and lust and judging from the three song teaser Devine has recently released, the music fits the lyrics.

If forced to dig for a comparison, it could be said that Nia Devine’s music takes some of the groovier cues from underground beat builders like DJ Krush from Japan, and some of the melodic drama from singers like Cee-Lo Green. But her voice is unique and there’s no other way to put it.

The first song on the teaser is a stripped down acoustic version of a song which will be featured on the main release, called “Satisfy Me.” The guitar performance is so laid back that the delivery of the song takes on an elegant detached feeling. Devine’s smooth melody lines seem like she’s flippantly musing on her every thought, and the listener is held captive like an expertly performed scene in a movie.

Next comes “Ring My Bell” which quickly shifts the atmosphere to an EDM style. The driving beat and spacious arrangement somehow work to make it both energetic and restrained at the same time. It’s the kind of song that could stay on forever and never get old.

The final previewed track “My Way” starts with a playful chiming synth line. The 6/8 rhythm pushes things along at a good pace while Devine’s catchy vocal performance makes it memorable. Then the chorus is a dramatic peak to the song, and it transitions into an equally dramatic bridge. The song makes for a powerful final taste.

It’ll be a few months until the rest of this seductive collection is available, so the way to keep up with her latest news is through her Facebook or Twitter.