By Daniel Mendez


SafeHouse depicts what beautiful music is all about. With chilled ambient synths, beautiful guitar melodies and harmonic vocals they deliver great tunes, almost as if Neon Indian and Beach House had a beautiful successful kid.

The electronic chillwave band consists of Ozwiler from London, UK and Dillon from Long Island, NY. When I first heard their track “So Alive” from their Equinox EP, I was entirely blown away. It made me remind of when I was still just a happy kid that loved to play around with my friends and I didn’t have to worry about what days I have to work or what my daily responsibilities were.

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I think that’s what great music is all about: Making you feel free, happy and careless. The whole Equinox EP is filled with beautiful vibes and alternative spunk. That being said, SafeHouse should definitely be on everyones list of most talented groups I’ve heard from Florida and they clearly deserve your attention.


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