Pocket of Lollipops'Letters to Larrup' 7"

By Robert Nevel

Letters-to-Larrup-CoverThe notion of dropping acid and smoking opium while having the world’s strangest dream is the best way to describe the new 7” from Miami art rock duo Pocket of Lollipops.

A husband and wife pair steeped in the sound of Sonic Youth-esque art rock, their latest release, “Letters to Larrup,” is a trippy walk through frantic beats, repetitive bass lines, moody electronics, and vocals that recite loose lyrical poetry.

Recorded on Pro Tools at their home in Coconut Grove, drummer/singer Tony Kapel and bassist/singer Maitejosune Urrechaga sectioned off their house into an ideal recording environment. The open sounds they worked for are apparent – one can hear the natural distance and room ambience created by far-placed microphones and unmuffled drums. They even recorded some parts in their bathroom for a reverb effect. Simple linear guitar lines and echo textures add to the hypnotic mood already set by the rest of the instruments. They mix with the occasional chimes or other auxiliary arrangements in place to enhance the dark, strange experience.

Photo: Monica McGivern

All of these elements swirl together to create a mind-melding indie rock frenzy, exemplified by the peak of the third track, “Diamond Tongue.” In it, Urrechaga exclaims, “Chase, chase, chase, chase! Stay, stay, stay, stay! Pray, pray, pray, pray…” It formulates a weird trance that characterizes the entire album. “Letters to Larrup” leaves one with the dizzying realization that while it sports an organic sound, it still eerily detaches the listener from reality. One finds themselves still on Earth, but perhaps in another dimension – or far in the past or future. In addition to their musical endeavors, both Urrechaga and Kapel work in the visual arts. Kapel also writes and is a filmmaker.

Sneak peak of a drawing for an animated music video in the works via @christopher_ian_macfarlane Sneak peak of a drawing for an animated music video in the works by @christopher_ian_macfarlane

While it was originally released on March 13, 2013, the 7″ just recently became available for free download via the New York based label, Team-Love Records.