Feathermeal The Great Destroyer

a3079884178_22 parts babies
(preferably from local
Masonic Temple when available
) 3.54 grams

of cocainewise

solder fumes hippie
thug tears one of

those sandwiches I like
blunt after blunt after blunt

Okay, so my boy AholSniffsGlue just introduced me to a semi-local duo, Feathermeal, for whom he just wrapped up the artwork for their first EP, The Great Destroyer. I must say these dudes made quite the impression on me, not only for their musical instrumentation’s (composed of melodies and the elements they’ve listed for us above) but also for their super legit personas.

“We asked Ahol to do the art for the cover because he is one of the finest visual artists we know of. His combination of the ‘neon lights, cocaine & parties’ vibe with his surrealistic depictions of the more bleak and dreary aspects of our culture are an amazing representation of what we hope to portray with our music. Shouts out times infinity to Ahol…love that man.”

Without further ado, it is my great pleasure to introduce you Miami to Feathermeal, an intergalactic, electro-acoustic, hip-hop duo, hailing from the lovely streets of Tallanastee.

“This EP was prepared in the wardrobe closet of your favorite mega church.”

Feathermeal, A Two-Headed Beast:

Devin Cowley – Banished from a Mormon Polygamist Compound at a young age for his plighted virility. Gathring the only possessions he was permitted to take, his violin and his midi controller,  he fiddled his way across America to the damp streets of Florida with nothing but his iron tipped fingers, a brick of bow rosin, and a bank of 64 knobs.

George Michael – Once the rubberized buttons of his beloved television remote had been salvaged from the ashes of his family’s trailer, there was no stopping him. Armed with the wisdom of Donatello and Bill Nye, he combined the ancient alien technologies bestowed upon the africans with modern white voodoo to make all these swamp creatures crawl.