Testökra: The Musical upRoar

By Mariana Ochoa

Testökra > March 2013 > Churchill’s Pub

Testökra took the stage at the Vomikaust show this past March and stood out (effortlessly) among the other bands that played that night. As the music began to spill into the crowd at our beloved Churchill’s Pub, the atmosphere immediately changed. The crowd was awakened by the beating life of Testökra’s electrifying set.

Testökra is made-up of three Miami natives  Carolyn Helmers (Guitar/Vocals), Nicole Mijares (Bass), and Ale Campos (Drums)Carolyn and Ale met while going to local shows and Ale met Nicole in a photography class.

Luckily, I met all three and caught up with them after the show! Here’s what they had to say…

Nicole Mijares Bass

The band has only been playing together since January 2012. In a very short time, each of the members of Testökra have developed as musicians, bringing a refreshingly heavy sound to the Miami underground music scene.

“People really react to us being so heavy” Nicole

Testökra started out playing music within the genre of Riot grrrl. However, the trio has developed their very own distinctive alternative sound.

“Our inspirations are bands like Babes in Toyland, L7, and 7 Year Bitch” Ale

As Miami natives, Testökra’s music reflects their experiences growing up in Miami.

The song, Walk in Fear, is based on the band members’ experiences with street harassment in Miami, with lyrics like, “Breathe down my neck just to make sure that I’m always scared, I’m aware that I’m just your piece of prey.”

“Our first songs were about feminist issues, now they are more personal.  Even though I’m writing more personal lyrics, the songs remain feminist” Carolyn

Unfortunately, the band members have had to endure harsh criticisms while playing shows, these criticims are solely based on the fact that they are women.

“You have to defend yourself, being women in an all male scene” Carolyn

The band has received some negative criticism claiming that they are playing punk alternative music due to unresolved “daddy issues.”

Drummer, Ale Campos
Ale Campos Drums

“You have to be tough to change people’s ideas of us, we are not here because we think that the boys are cute” Ale

Testökra has been working hard to overcome barriers and have let their music speak for itself. We recommend you catch them performing live for full effect. They have several shows lined-up including a set at this year’s SweatStock.

Additionally, Testökra is planning a Summer Tour set to start this June with another local band, Awkward Kisser.


Testökra will also be recording all of their music thus far, including songs that they don’t usually play at shows, in early April 2013. Listen to what they’ve put out thus far: