Maceo PlexA Message To All Haters In The Music Industry

Known as Maceo Plex, Eric Estornel is currently one of the game’s most wanted DJs and for good reason. Maceo’s deep funky grooves continue to mesmerize the club scene worldwide, and with undeniably sexy tracks like “Deez Nuts” and “Ain’t that Love,” along with his most recent releases Maceo is making everyone feeling a bit hot and bothered.

Maceo Plex is a master craftsman in the studio and on the dance floor, sculpting and shaping sounds with the intentions of leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Nothing, it seems, is left to chance. Every phrase, every nuance of the bass line, high hat, snare or reverb is carefully placed in the sonic spectrum contained within each production. Maceo is a groove machine with a soul.

Maceo has been producing and putting out solid releases on slabs of vinyl since the 90s, too many to list, under various pseudonyms. His first full-length album Life Index (2011) released on Crosstown Rebels was well received. He rose to the occasion with an unprecedented debut within the Top 5 on Resident Advisor’s DJ reader poll.

In a word, Maceo is prolific with a steady flow of new releases, 3 of which are from his label, Ellum Audio, which seems to be based out of our backyard, Miami. The grooves on our “Love Somebody Else” vinyls are being worn out.

We thoroughly enjoy the vocal by Joi Cardwell, and we love the fact that it received proper care as a 12” Vinyl release. Maceo skillfully crafted robust baselines for “Love Somebody Else” (above) and produced another dance floor banger.

“For the A-side Eric Estornel aka Maceo Plex revives an unreleased Jon DaSilva Remix of Colourblind’s cover of 1979 Jones Girls classic ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’.”

Ellum has been putting out some serious heat, most importantly they are releasing Vinyl! A notable release on Ellum is ELL002 Bazar’s “Hard To Find” you’ll find a tasty Maceo Plex Funk Drop on the A-side, along with the Original by Bazar, and on the flip you’ve got a Danny Daze Love Dub.

Released on Crosstown Rebels Sweating Tears E.P. CRM082 is another serious record featuring “Can’t Leave You” along with one of our favorites “Stop Your Hate.” (left)

A special message from Maceo is found on the vinyl of Sweating Tears E.P. and it reads:

“Stop Your Hate is dedicated to all haters in the music industry.”

The music on Sweating Tears E.P. portrays that message with roaring, bouncy bass lines. Maceo serves us lovely tunes, that have a bottom end that help you truly feel the music.

DJ Legend Danny Tenaglia was quoted referencing his Circoloco Ibiza DC-10 experience. It’s great to see such camaraderie between a group of DJs that we hope are pushing the culture in the right direction.

“Got to hear more Maestro’s … Richie Hawtin again, Dubfire again, then also Kerri Chandler, Cassie and Maceo Plex on the terrace! Said hello to all, gave madd respect then got out their way and let them be the masters of their cockpits! Everyone was on point and really exciting the crowds in the different rooms.I missed my buddy Davide Squillace but we hung out and I’m sure he rocked it too! Ibiza this is where I was meant to be! Also hung a bit with Nina Kraviz, Ben Klock, Damian Lazarus, Soul Clap, Danny Daze, Nick Curly, Marcel Dettman, D’Julz and a personal Italian favorite DJ Rene! There’s a few more but my mind hasn’t fully awoken yet.”

Maceo Plex was interviewed with Seth Troxler by XYST (below), in what we call an insightful session. They were gifted a record, Prime Time – Confess It Baby LP (1985) after their sets at the opening weekend of The Warehouse Project 2012 hosted in Manchester, U.K.

“Seth was celebrating his 27th birthday and wrapped up the day in Manchester after sets in both Leeds and Liverpool.”

They reminisce about your favorite show from the 90s “In Living Color” and pull a “Men On Warehouse Project” moment reviewing the party “Hated It.”

Seth plugs Soul Clap’s new record label & Ellum Audio, while letting everyone know what to expect from the Honey Badgers. Seth also informs us that EDM is Poisonous to our culture. It’s comforting to hear someone else say this, THANK YOU!

Maceo was awarded Best Deep House DJ but he doesn’t give a F*#$. Maceo is the original Honey Badger, according to Seth, we agree. Honey Badgers Don’t Give a F*#$.

One more track to check out via Maetrik – Walk Alone (Maceo Plex Revenge Mix)

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