A Side Order ofHappiness

Spreading Love, One Meal At A Time

Food is the centerpiece of my life, whether it be drooling over food porn, extensive menu research or table side debates on foie gras; noshing and nibbling has undoubtedly become doctrinal. Therefore, in the spirit of Foodism, it only seems right to spread food-love to those without; feeding those who are truly hungry. I invite all my fellow foodies (devotees to all things scrumptious), to donate and participate in the upcoming Happiness in Miami event.

I talked with Monika Aparicio, founder of Happiness in Miami, who’s serving food-love around Miami; donating meals [with a side of happiness] to those in need.

Food Prep

Go ahead and introduce yourself: who are you, and what is “Happiness in Miami”?

My name is Monika Aparicio with Happiness in Miami. Happiness in Miami is an online shop I created a couple of months ago mainly to promote positivity and spread the love. The bracelets and necklaces are handmade with precious stones, which also have different meanings to enhance inner strengths and diminish negativity.

The brand has no discrimination no racism its true meaning is to promote true love. Love has no gender, no age, no race, no religion, no disability. Love has no flaws. With each item purchased, a percentage goes towards future events/causes here in the beautiful Miami but eventually in the world. In other words, I love to love.

Tell us a more about the event: Who, What, Where & Why?

I decided to grow an organization within the brand to start changes in our city, in our world. Because I work in the promotional field, I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to contact and connect with one another and make a difference. Facebook allowed me to share our first event. Happiness in Miami Presents: Feeding the Homeless where we can come together and share our blessings.

The event will take place in Downtown Miami (N Miami Avenue NW 6th Street). Right across grand central Saturday July 11th at 11 am.  [More Information]

Everyone’s taking place, I have my family helping, friends, co-workers, and their friends. I have my brother printing my shirts in which the group will wear and donate to the need. I have friends who will partake in the photography and videography during the event.

What made you want to start this great project?

I want this to be an impact to this city, and to the world. I’m tired of going down my Facebook newsfeed and coming across news about deaths, suicide, pedophiles, murderers and animal torture. I want to start spreading happiness one step at a time. Make differences, make positive changes.

Your shirt with $5 Donation

How can people get involved?

Together we can make this happen. With the power of Facebook, we can connect and be a part of a beautiful movement! You can donate to future events by purchasing a Happiness in Miami accessories or purchase a Happiness in Miami shirt at the event for $5!

Finally, what does food mean to you? and why this cause rather than others?

I chose Feeding the Homeless as the first event because for one, I’m blessed every day with another breath, a plate on my table and a roof over my head. If I can be that ONE person to make a difference in helping those in need, then I’d be that one person. I plan do make different events every month for different causes. for example, animals, children etc. (community for now).

A big thanks to Monika Aparicio for sharing her event with Tropicult; please check out her Facebook Page Happiness in Miami for future events and ways to donate.