The Kitchen Club

Saturday, February 7 2015

10:00 PM-5:00 AM

By Andrew Ensenat

Do you like 80’s music, are you into Industrial, Nu-Wave, and all other sorts of obscure 80’s music? The Kitchen Club will be hosting a party at the Garrett this Saturday, February 7, 2015. Are you familiar with what the Kitchen Club is? Well, to your surprise you may not know that the Kitchen Club is Miami’s longest running underground party spanning over twenty-seven years. The Kitchen Club started in the year of 1988 when Aldo Luca and company decided that they were going to be throwing parties that would bring people who shared the same interest in music in one place. Since 1988, Aldo and his friends have thrown many parties that have encompassed both the Beach and the mainland of Miami. Since 1988 many DJ’s that have attended these parties have hit it big in the music industry. Some of the many famous people that have attended these parties range from Iggy Pop to Marilyn Manson.

This Saturday, event goers will be delighted to hear that the one of the acts that will be playing that night have signed with a European label, and the Garrett will serve as a catalyst to promote their upcoming EP. This band, if you’re not familiar with them is Astari Nite that are signed to Danse Macabre records of Germany. Astari Nite are a product of Miami, FL and are considered to be, Darkwave, Alternative, and Indie mixed into one commodity. They will be playing the Garrett to promote their EP, “Anonymous” and will be filming a music video for their song, “The Boy Who Tried”. If you want to be part of this music video Astari Nite kindly ask event-goers to come early. In the latter part of 2014 Astari Nite released their album, “Stereo Waltz” which was nominated by the Terra Relicta Dark Music Awards, for best Darkwave album of the year.

The night will start off covering genres such as, Indie, Synth-Pop, and Nu-Wave by Dj’s such as, DJ 16Bit, Dracula’s Daughter, Sinsekt, and OB then it will venture off to more dark sounds covering genres like, EBM, Darkwave, and Coldwave to name a few. One of the themes of the Kitchen Club is to stay consistent with the music they play and this why people since 1988 have been attending the Kitchen parties. But remember, there will be no requests! The DJ’s at these parties aren’t jukeboxes that you can ask to play a song. The people that play these events are no strangers to the music they love and this why they have continued to survive in such a fluctuating society dominated by various music genres. In all respect, this is why people continue to attend these parties, to get that sense of nostalgia and to listen to what they were listening to back in the 80’s and 90’s. One of the cool things about the Kitchen Club parties is that they don’t discriminate to their guests, many guests that like other genres of music leave the party with a new profound respect for the tunes they are hearing.

21+ | The party starts at 10 PM on Saturday night and will go on through 5 AM. For more information and to keep updated the future Kitchen Club events be sure to visit and like them on FaceBook at The Kitchen Club. For more information on Astari Nite that will be performing please visit their website at, and don’t forget to like them on FaceBook. For all other things relating to the Garrett please visit, . The address to the Garrett is, 697 North Miami Avenue.


The Garret

697 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL

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