Man vs. Nature

Survival of the Fittest

Brisky Gallery Miami is proud to present

Man Vs Nature: A Survival of the Fittest

An exhibition curated by Luis Valle and Ronnie Crews

The show is a reflection of the interaction and conflict, between man and the natural world.

Showcasing works by 14 artist:

Silas Schletterer
Luis Valle
Sober Industries
Anthony Burks
Ross Ford
Mariflor Blaser
Nate Dee
Lyndale Pettus
Eric Cloutier
Ray Mantella
Luciane Dulfan
Karin Vermeer
Dwyane Wade
Tatiana Blanco

In the gallery, viewers will encounter works of art, which form a dialogue between man and the forces of nature.

The exhibit is a form of commentary on the art world and its dog-eat-dog mentality.

Only the strong survive in this vast ocean of artist, galleries, museums and collectors.

Following the examples seen in nature man is forced to adapt to his environment and sometimes compromise his natural state in order to succeed.

Brisky Gallery

130 NW 24 street , Miami, FL, 33127

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