Work Well – Workshop I

Friday, February 28 2020

7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Intro to Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Mixed Media Art Making

About this Event

A chance to bring in a logo, flyer or photography. We will have a projected screen to walk everyone through the many tools within Photoshop.


  • Must bring your own computer and have the program installed or trial installed.
  • Selection of reference images
  • A workable, high-res or editable image/file

Projects to bring:

  • Logos – Sketches, other logo references, color schemes
  • Flyers – Full text/descriptions, image, and references
  • Photo Editing – High-resolution image, marketing purpose, and image reference

The workshop begins with a discussion of goals for the course and introduction of the group. We will have a chance to get familiarized with the tools that Photoshop provides and begin showing some imagery samples done on Photoshop. Once the program is thoroughly described we will have Solo Work sessions to experiment with your projects.

After working with Photoshop we will recap the tools learned and open the conversation up to creativity. We will end the workshop with hands-on mixed media art-making. Supplies will be provided.

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These series of workshops are produced with the support of Ladder to Wellness; a Project based in Miami, started by Yakira Valerio. A performance that empowers others to share, listen and be true to their needs. The idea of this workshop is to provide a safe space to be creative and develop skills that contribute to your career or business.

Yakira has been practicing yoga and meditation for many years. Her practices have inspired her to teach art and design in a similar method used in yoga. Where one is able to check in with their needs and move through a class learning at their own pace, while still feeling engaged. With a degree in fine arts and a career in project management and design, her approach to teaching is relatable to many creative fields.

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