THE MIGHTY Screenwriter Master Class

Tuesday, September 5 2017

6:30 PM-9:30 PM

THE MIGHTY is kicking things up with a Master Class.

The objective in the THE MIGHTY Screenwriter Master Class is to improve and finish your screenplay outline or treatment. Students who have previously attended this series will receive alumni discounts.

In the Master Class, we’ll focus on a different element of the craft. There’ll be weekly film-viewing assignment and in-class writing exercises. Participants will also submit scripts, treatments, and story pitches for in-class review. Class time is a combination of lecture, discussion, in-class writing exercises, professional script excerpts, and critiques of participants’ story outlines.

Here is the syllabus week-to-week:

– Screenplay story structure & plot development
– Character development & advanced dialogue writing
– Formatting and scene & action description & Mini-slug action writing
– Scene and sequence construction, pacing, and transitions. Advanced topics (i.e., tone, theme, imagery, voice)

To purchase tickets, visit:

Miami, FL

City of Miami, Miami, FL

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